PHP explode, converting string to array


Let’s get to know the php explode function that converts strings (texts) into an array.

But in case you entered this post for a quick and easy example, just to copy and paste. Check out the example below of the php explode array:

But if you want to understand a little more about explode continue reading the rest of the post.

Defining the use of php explodes for array

Explode is a function that will convert a string into an array.

But what are the accepted parameters? check out the list below:

  • Separator text: Pass what value should be used to convert the string to an array
  • String variable: Variable that has a text to be converted to an array
  • Limit: This is an optional variable, so it does not need to be used, but if you want to limit the return, pass a value of type int

Examples of Bounded Explode

Use an online php tester if you want to see the return of the examples in practice, but the returns are explained in the comments:

Explode has been available on php since version 4, but if for some reason it is not working, contact your hosting to enable it.

So you can use this function without fear, it has been available for a long time within the language and it will be difficult not to be working in your hosting

If you want to check more php examples visit our category and if you want to see more examples of explode check here

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